Budgets have never been unlimited, but in the new world of low oil prices – with Brent Crude currently floating around $66 a barrel – there’s even more pressure to use a company’s funds in the most effective way.

This can present a real challenge when it comes to staffing. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to give all your DP operators what they’re expecting and you want to make sure you retain the best. But how do you tell who they are? The industry needs something that’s really quantifiable.

And that’s where we come in. With DPDesktime, you will get constantly updated data and analysis from your DP desks telling you how long, and how well, your operators are working. This is all uploaded from our smartcard system to a secure central server that crunches the numbers automatically, so reports can be generated whenever you need them.

Of course, good data takes time, so we can’t help you with any decisions you’re facing right now. But give it a while and you’ll be in a position to have a lot more confidence in who to reward.