It has been a few months since I attended the Offshore Support Journal conference, but one of the presentations has really stuck with me. Jacques de Chateauvieux, Chairman and CEO of Jaccar, talked about the opportunities and challenges in the current difficult markets.

He highlighted the importance of safety as “the single most important performance indicator for oil companies and contractors”, which rests on “a combination of factors among which crew competencies and strong commitment are the most important.” He then went on to say that he believed, “In challenging times, a customer’s first choice will be the best performing suppliers, all being equal, and this will translate into above average utilization rates.”

If you’re familiar with my career, you’ll know that the competency of DPOs has been my focus for years. It’s the key reason I launched DPDesktime – to give DPOs the ability to develop and demonstrate their abilities.

Mr de Chateauvieux concluded his presentation with something that I found even more interesting, as he stressed that Bourbon’s future plans would involve “innovating and daring to bring into service newly designed vessels and new solutions for services expected by the clients, in particular integrating inputs of digital revolution.”

As the creator of a system that brings a long overdue digital revolution to the handling of DP time logging and experience tracking, I’m hugely encouraged by these developments. If you’d like to see how your business can get ahead with DPDesktime, please get in touch today.