A revolution in DP training and monitoring

DPDeskTime is the only comprehensive activity tracking and reporting service that provides an accurate and detailed measurement of a DP operator’s working life. It is absolutely reliable, inherently impartial, completely automated and full of benefits for your business.

Why we made DPDeskTime

Like many innovations, DPDeskTime started with the simple aim of wanting to improve how our industry works. With DP operators using complex technological systems to control vessels worth millions, if not billions, of dollars, we didn’t think it was good enough for the core data about their expertise to continue using a paper-based ‘honesty’ system relying on the generalisation that anything from two hours to 12 hours counts as one ‘DP day’.

So we decided to do things better. And we built a patented system that takes a passive feed from a ship’s DP systems, records all relevant data, including time, and then uploads it into our secure cloud for storage and analysis.

Time-logging and onboard training

What we then discovered is that solving the operational challenge of time-recording was just the start. Our system also logs how an operator performs – and this opened up an even bigger area for us to improve the current way of doing things.

DPDeskTime makes it possible for DPOs to carry out onboard training whenever there is downtime or a window of opportunity. They carry out 20-minute ‘tasks’ (kept at that length to minimise impact on charter time) covering everything from manual and box manoeuvring to escape routes and worst-case failure operations.
Not only is this significantly lower cost than onshore training – avoiding thousands in course fees, as well as all the sundry expenses – it can also be more effective, as DPOs are sitting at the desks they use in their day-to-day work, so they’re developing their skills and gaining experience with the real systems. And even this is just the start of the ways we can help.

Benefits at a glance

  • You can carry out cost-effective onboard training
  • You can optimise utilisation through tracking vessel performance
  • You can save office hours, as accurate time data is automatically reported and analysed
  • You can improve your submission details for contracts and tenders, through accurate and independent operator data
  • You can attract and retain the best staff
  • You can reduce long-term reputational and vessel risks with charterers and insurance providers
  • You can get impartial and objective data directly fed into your competency management system (CMS)

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We issue your DP operators with smart cards, which act as their electronic log books.


Passive links are set up from your DP system.


We log real-time operational and performance data.


We store this on a central cloud server and automatically analyse it.


We generate confirmation letters and bespoke reports.

What it costs

We have an ongoing price per ship that works out as little more than a daily cup of coffee. Given that a typical shore-side training course for one operator can cost around €2,000 in study fees, plus time and expenses, it’s easy to see how we can help you make savings.

What about historical DPO data?

We can store it and validate it

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Who can access the data?

You get everything for your vessels. An operator gets everything about them.

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