Digitally manage your DP Annual Trials and enhance report documentation


Our DPTrials platform builds on our DPASOG platform allowing owners and third parties to build, manage and distribute dp trial test protocols via a simple to use web portal.

Owner management of DP Annual Trials

The platform includes full change management, review and electronic distribution of these annual documents.

As the system is fully database driven search functions for previous year trials can be produced into a common report, reducing the time spent going through different PDF documents to try and compare results.


Enhanced DP Trial Documentation

Benefiting from full integration within DPDeskTime the system can even log the actual operational status (thrusters, power system, PRS’s and sensors) and monitor position keeping accuracy (footprint) for each test. Providing documentary evidence of the tests being carried out with verifiable data on equipment status and position accuracy.

Standalone Digital Platform

A light client version of the approved trials is released to the chosen third party or independent personnel undertaking the annual trials. Information is completed via an online form onboard. Data is synchronised when a full internet signal is available allowing seamless integration of data into the master copy held on the server.

PDF Service

DPTrials can be used as a controlled PDF service with test protocols released in controlled PDF format. Final documentation is input onto the main server via secure log in.

Efficiency & Updates

No more paying for ‘office’ time when completing Annual trials. DPTrials provides greater efficiency and cost savings in completion of annual trials as report data is available immediately for review and issuing.

No more reissuing PDF documents when category findings are closed out. Category findings can be closed out via the web portal with every item stored for continual review and management.

What does it cost?

You can subscribe to DPTrials as a standalone controlled PDF service without needing to use our other products or you can benefit from seamless integration with DPDeskTime as a bundled add on. Just give us a call if you’d like to find out about prices.