The easy way to handle your Well Specific and Activity Specific Operating Guidelines

Well Specific (WSOG) & Activity Specific Operating Guidelines (ASOG) should be reviewed and implemented for every new activity a vessel undertakes. They then need to be rolled out to all your DP operators, who must make sure they follow them. With DPASOGTM, every aspect of this process is simplified and streamlined.

Designed for collaboration

Our system was created for collaborative group work, so all the elements of your business can work together on developing and agreeing the guidelines, even if they are based in many different locations. You can also invite in your chosen consulting company to assist with your ASOG along with submitting your ASOG for review to your prospective charterers.

It’s also straightforward to manage the full ASOG process on an ongoing basis, through a robust production system that can handle (and track) updates from multiple users over extended time periods. This means we can provide you with a full audit trail and you won’t have any concerns around who is currently holding the live copy.

Enhanced ASOG functions

When fully integrated with DPDeskTime®, DPASOG™ can automatically highlight to operators and shoreside staff when operating outside the guidelines allowing all offshore stakeholders better insight into the vessel DP setup & operations. Operational status can include thrusters, power system, PRS’s and sensors.

Standalone Digital Platform

Approved guidelines can be distributed digitally to an onboard processor for digital review, approval and scroll functions for each category item. Data is synchronised when a full internet signal is available allowing seamless integration of data between master copy held on the server and the approved onboard version.

PDF Service

DPASOG can be used as a controlled PDF service with ASOG’s released in controlled PDF format. Documentation can be verified by the use of the QR code of validation key to ensure the latest approved copy is being used.

What does it cost?

You can subscribe to DPASOG as a standalone service without needing to use our other products or you can benefit from seamless integration with DPDeskTime as a bundled add on. Just give us a call if you’d like to find out about prices.