The benefits for your business

We can help you save money on operator training

Our reports give you a level of detail that allows you to target operator training on their needs. But this isn’t the only way we can save you money.

You can cut training costs even further by moving some of it onboard. This will allow you to use your operators’ time more efficiently, improve their skill levels and give them experience with emergency systems. It also means you’re not facing thousands in course fees, as well as all the sundry expenses, such as travel, food and accommodation – particularly as training with DPDeskTime won’t cost you anything on top of our standard yearly license fee.

It’s even really easy to use. Whenever your vessel has downtime, or has a window of opportunity (such as waiting outside the 500m zone), you can set our system to train your operators.

This is done through ‘tasks’ that are designed to be carried out within 20 minutes, so you minimise impact on charter time. They range from manual and box manoeuvring to escape routes and worst-case failure operations – with all performance data automatically tracked and documented.

This doesn’t just offer independent evidence of learning, it simplifies the process of providing constructive feedback. What’s more, operators will always be aware that their performance is being observed, so they can benefit from the Hawthorne effect that can enhance training outcomes even further.

We can help you save office hours

Everything our system records is automatically uploaded to our secure cloud service, collated and analysed. You can then download reports whenever you need them.

It can also be integrated directly into electronic Competency Management Systems, which saves even more time and has the additional benefit that it reduces the level of subjectivity in validity assessments.

We can help you monitor vessel degradation

As it based on the DP system feed, DPDeskTime can monitor vessel setup and performance over its life. This data is then automatically brought together – at no cost to you – and used to create regular footprint plots. These can be compared over time, or with other vessels in the fleet, so you have an overview of system degradation and the performance of individual vessels.

We can help you enhance your tender submissions

Our system gives you an accurate and independent way to prove to existing and potential clients that your operators have the necessary levels of DP quality and experience – in terms of time and vessels. Plus, you can reassure your clients that your fleet is using the latest technological developments in quality and risk-monitoring to ensure the DP expertise of your crew.

We can help you reduce your insurance premiums

While crew illness tends to be the most common reason for a claim, the most expensive are often navigation incidents – which can be attributed to anything from failing to following guidelines to misjudging manoeuvring or speed.

Using DPDeskTime for training means operators can develop real-world experience of these challenges, while DPASOG can tell operators when they are outside guidelines. This won’t create a direct discount on premiums, but having a well-trained and informed crew could well reduce claims, which may then lead to reduced premiums from a better record.

We can help you attract and retain the best staff

By offering the most advanced monitoring software, which can be directly linked to benchmarked training, you will have a key competitive advantage when it comes to cherry-picking the best operators for your crews and then retaining their expertise over the years.

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We can help you reduce long-term risks

Using our system for ongoing monitoring, focused training can assist in development knowledge and experience – potentially reducing liability, reputational risk and damage to expensive equipment.